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Jim Darlington


About the Artists:

Jim Darlington has a strong following in each category that he paints; landscapes, still life, architectural, abstracts and figurative. However, portraiture is the area that he enjoys most; often combining features from several models and life sketches into one portrait. He captures a range of emotions – sometimes with subtle, fine brushwork and other times with strong palette knife work to add a dramatic, sculptural visual impact. “I always return to the human face. The only thing that seems to change is my approach. I’m inspired by new techniques and approaches
to the human face.” “For me, just the face, with a little bit of form for the viewer to connect to, is more effective in what I’m trying to say. And I’m trying to say what it means to be a human being living in the world...and all the ups and downs we have.” “I’m looking for a mood that the viewer can respond to... to make a human connection with...” From Darlington’s 2009 feature article and interview in American Art Collector. Among other honors and awards, Darlington recently won the top prize in Magnolia Plantation's competition, "Girl with the Gold Earring". A native South Carolinian who has spent a lifetime immersed in the arts, Darlington continues to receive award recognition for his portraiture, representational and abstract works in both oil and watercolor. Darlington has worked as a journalist and an art critic in the past and you can also see the musical side of the artist if you catch a performance of his band, a local favorite, Minimum Wage.
Associated Exhibitions
Caper's and Bull's Island
October 1 - October 31, 2018
More Information>

Spirit and Image (Spit'n Image)
Group Show
February 28 - March 30, 2018
More Information>

Timeless Island -- Plein Aire and Studio Paintings
Featuring the work of Jim Darlington
October 20 - November 20, 2016
More Information>

Postcards from Charleston & Sullivan's Island
December 6, 2013 - January 31, 2014
More Information>

Jim Darlington - New Landscapes & Figures
October 4 - October 31, 2013
More Information>

Blues on Broad
From Memphis to Mardi Gras
February 3 - February 29, 2012
More Information>

Postcards from Charleston & Sullivans Island
Little gems by Isabel Forbes, Leslie Pratt-Thomas, Ann Lee Merrill, Douglas Grier and Jim Darlington will be featured Dec. 2 - Jan 31 with an opening reception at the First Friday on Broad.
December 2, 2011 - January 31, 2012
More Information>

Innocence and Grace
A Group Show featuring the figurative work of Jim Darlington, Sue Foell, Isabel Forbes and Beth McLean
October 7 - October 31, 2011
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