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Susan B. Hecht


About the Artists:
The peaceful landscapes of the Carolinas and paintings that highlight the spirit of everyday people are some of Susan Hecht's favorite subjects to paint. Growing up in Charleston, painting people relaxing and playing on the beach is a topic that Susan gravitates toward; focusing on capturing them in “their moment”. Hecht says, “I think people are at their best at the beach – whether it is kids playing and totally enjoying life, or engrossed in the process of building the greatest sand castle ever, or lost deep in thought -- contemplating life. The sheer enjoyment of being at such a place that puts everything into perspective for us is something that I try to capture”. Hecht has been on a creative journey all of her life – studying many forms of visual and performing arts, but painting has always been her focus. Her love for experimentation and discovery in her paintings keeps her challenged to explore endless possibilities. Working in oil or slower drying acrylics, hallmarks of Hecht’s work are a warm and inviting palette, energetic brush strokes and timeless compositions that capture moments of leisure and pleasure. “Susan’s paintings trigger happy memories of time spent on the coast and give her work universal appeal. It is such a pleasure introducing collectors to her work and seeing the immediate smile of recognition,” says Margie Veitel, gallery art consultant. Hecht likes to leave her paintings somewhat unfinished and not tell the whole story. This allows the viewer to look and interpret for themselves. She says, “A painting speaks to people in different ways, so I never want to assume I know their whole story.” When starting a painting, she says it is an intuitive process. “I will feel a painting long before I actually start. Sometimes I can’t get to the studio fast enough. Those are the ones that I love. They happen naturally. The others just keep you learning, which is amazing in itself. I love the spontaneity of quick but deliberate strokes. Once that is established and then if the momentum slows, I sometimes just put the painting away to revisit it another time when I can be energetic and spontaneous again. ” says Hecht. Hecht graduated from U.S.C. with a bachelor of arts and still enrolls in as many art workshops as possible. “The wonderful thing about art is you can never stop learning and growing.” Susan approaches painting, much as she does life...with a sense of spontaneous playfulness. She says, “with art as in life, it is all about the journey.”
Associated Exhibitions
Spirit and Image (Spit'n Image)
Group Show
February 28 - March 30, 2018
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Summer Wind - Book Signing & Group Show
Mary Alice Monroe's second book in the Summer Girls trilogy, The Summer Wind, is the inspiration for this group show of paintings by a few of our summer girls!
June 3 - June 21, 2014
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Postcards from Charleston & Sullivan's Island
December 6, 2013 - January 31, 2014
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Summer Joy!
New Coastal Paintings by Susan Hecht. Hecht’s ability to capture the sheer enjoyment of a wide range of seaside experiences gives her work universal appeal.
July 27 - August 27, 2013
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