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Stephen Kishel



Stephen L. Kishel was born in Muncie, Indiana. His parents were teachers, with long summer breaks, and so could indulge a taste for roughing it nearly every summer on a remote island in Western Ontario. The contrast between a mid-western university city and a log cabin without electricity was a rich one. His father, a high-school art teacher, taught him to appreciate the postcard-like sunset and sunrises the wilderness offered - and the industrious life of constant repairs and restoration it take to care for a cabin after nature has had an entire winter to reclaim it. As he learned to love nature and solitude in Ontario, he learned to appreciate knowledge and learning in Indiana.

His father took care that Stephen learned several ways to express himself in art, but early on he came to love sculpture, especially welded metal sculpture.

In 1973 Stephen married Gloria Ann. By then he was studying electronics at Ohio Institute of Technology. Three years later he began working full time in the family plastic business. But about twelve years ago Stephen decided to concentrate on his art, and devoted up to thirty hours a week to welding metal pieces. He has created several hundred pieces ranging in size from tabletop to corporate and public works. He does commissions and offers his work in galleries and even upscale restaurants, including Foxfire (owned by Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield the Cat).

In 2002 Stephen and his family relocated to the Carolinas. They bought a house in Bluffton, seven miles from Hilton Head. It sits on an acre of wooded land and has a separate studio in back. Stephen and his wife enjoy walks along the May River, set in a salt marsh - where the sunsets and native birds make it look like a postcard.

Doing what you love for a living is possible, it is not only possible, it is the right thing to do. Everyone is by nature gifted with a unique ability, find your gift, and then purse it, part-time at first, then full-time, when you have achieved a level of success that empowers you with confidence.





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