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Artist Submissions

We represent gallery artists that sell their work primarily through galleries, rather than through their own studios. We are interested in artists who are extremely steady performers, who can meet deadlines with high-quality work, and who continually seek to improve. We are always interested in seeing new work, but because of the volume of submissions that we receive, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

  • When submitting materials, please mark your envelope “Artist Submission” and mail it to:

    Edward Dare Gallery
    PO Box 67
    Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

    (Materials may also be dropped off at the gallery during regular hours, but they will not be reviewed at that time).

  • Provide the following with your submission:

    1. Representations of your work: We prefer to review digital photographs (jpg, under 1 MB) via email, CD ROM or a website address. If you would like to submit a website for review, please e-mail your URL to or along with the other items listed below. Please note “Artist Submission” in the subject line of your email. If you would like to submit photographs or scanned images of your work, please send duplicates only (please don’t send originals). Each image should be labeled with the artist’s name, title of work, date, gallery price, medium and dimensions. Please limit your submission to 10 images. We do not accept slides.

    2. Letter of application which includes the following: all current gallery affiliations, commitments you have over the next two years, as well as an idea of the number of pieces we could receive from you on an immediate and annual basis.

    3. Resume citing education, exhibition history, grants/awards, list of collectors (private, public, and corporate), and copies of reviews/press received.

    4. Brief Artist Statement (no more than one page).

    5. Recent Annual Sales Record: Average number of sales annually in a single gallery setting and total retail sales volume annually in a single gallery setting.

    6. General price list.

    7. We like to keep submissions on file indefinitely for future consideration, but if you prefer for your materials to be returned, send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), with sufficient return postage. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A SASE WE CANNNOT RETURN YOUR SUBMISSION. Because of the volume of submissions, we prefer to return your materials by mail. Do not come by the gallery to pick up your materials unless you call first to make an appointment.

    • We receive numerous submissions and review them on an on-going basis. IT GENERALLY TAKES 3-6 WEEKS TO REVIEW YOUR SUBMISSION AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU ONLY IF WE FEEL YOUR WORK MIGHT BE A GOOD FIT and we are interested in further discussions about your work.
    • If you have had a change of address, please notify us by email. If we send materials to the address you have provided and they are returned to us, we will dispose of the materials.
    • We will respond to those submissions we have an interest in as soon as they have been reviewed by the Gallery staff.
    • After examining all of your information and images, and if the outlook is favorable, we will arrange to personally inspect the collection and discuss the options and terms for going forward.

      Again, thank you for your interest in submitting portfolio material to our galleries and we wish you all the best in your artistic journey.




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